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ETRES is also a network of partners engaged at various levels in vocational training or on-the-job support for ecological transition projects.

Carriers of the values of the manifesto Educating for the environment and sustainable development these schools, training centres, universities, local authorities, associations, companies or groups of professionals participate in various ways in the development of a training system that can be mobilized within the World education environmental congress

Mario Salomone Secretary General of the WEEC underlines the importance of the ETRES programme within the global network, in particular with a view to the development of a European network for environmental education and sustainable development.

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Lien vers: https://etreserasmus.eu/?ReseaUEn#france
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Lien vers: https://www.montpellier-supagro.fr/institut-florac
The Florac Institute of Agro-Environmental Education leads the mission to support technical education and leads the national ESD network in agricultural education.

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Lien vers: http://reseauecoleetnature.org/
The School and Nature Network is a space for meetings and exchanges to share experiences and rethink your relationship with the world.

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Lien vers: https://www.ifree.asso.fr/
Ifrée is a partnership organization associating the New Aquitaine Region, the State, as well as environmental education and nature protection associations.

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Lien vers: https://graine-occitanie.org/
GRAINE Occitanie aims to promote and develop environmental education for sustainable development (EEDD) in Occitania. The networking of EESD actors is transversal to the whole of its project.

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Lien vers: http://reel48.org/
RéeL - CPIE de Lozère aims to be a space for exchange and mutualisation where EEDD actors and their initiatives meet and where projects are born in collaboration and co-construction.


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Lien vers: http://www.tekieroverde.es/
Tekieroverde is a company specialized in the development of projects related to environmental education, ecological agriculture, rural development and scientific dissemination.

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Lien vers: http://www.huertoalegre.com/
A cooperative founded in 1982, with the aim of educating and raising awareness of environmental problems and supporting the educational task, by facilitating outings to the environment for teachers.


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Lien vers: http://www.coopalchimia.it/
The Alchimia cooperative is a social cooperative that develops projects and services for social, cultural and environmental promotion. It accompanies, with professionalism and care, people and communities towards forms of sustainable well-being and social inclusion.

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Lien vers: http://www.areaparchi.it/
A.R.E.A Parchi was born in 1994 from an idea of the Lombardy Region, Management and Valorisation Office, in collaboration with the Consorzio Parco Nord Milano. The aim of the project is to facilitate the creation of a network within the system of protected areas in Lombardy on educational and communication issues, through the collection and dissemination of bibliographic material.

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Lien vers: https://www.legambiente.it/
Legambiente is a non-profit association, made up of citizens who care about the protection of the environment in all its forms, the quality of life, a society more equitable, just and supportive. A great nonpartisan movement made up of people who, through volunteering and direct participation, become promoters of change for a better future.

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Lien vers: http://www.retidiquartiere.it/
The Social Networks of Bergamo are groups composed of citizens, representatives of associations, bodies, committees and services that care about the good of the neighborhood and are active to achieve it.
Participation and sharing are the values that guide the people and realities that are part of the Networks and that, together, work to achieve common goals. Each Social Network is activated by promoting knowledge of the social context and participation with the aim of transforming and improving the neighbourhood, adapting it to the needs of its inhabitants.

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Lien vers: http://alparc.org/it/our-actions/mountain-education/youralps
Il progetto YOUrALPS- Educating Youth for the Alps: (re)connecting Youth and Mountain heritage for an inspiring future in the Alps (Educare i giovani per le Alpi: (ri)connettere le giovani generazioni alla montagna per un futuro nelle Alpi) accoglie la sfida di riavvicinare le giovani generazioni alle Alpi.

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Lien vers: https://weecnetwork.org/
The WEEC congresses are the most important experts in meeting, at an international level, all the protagonists involved in the field of environmental education. Since 2003, 8 world congresses have been organized, with over 100 countries involved.

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Lien vers: http://transitionitalia.it/
The Transition movement, better known as the Transition Towns movement, was born in England in 2006 in the city of Totnes from the ideas of Rob Hopkins..
Transition Italia was founded in 2008 to facilitate and support the spread of this exciting collective process in Italy. It acts as a local node (HUB) of the international Transition Network on the basis of an agreement signed with the Transition Network..


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Lien vers: https://polis-inee.org/
The Polis association is an international network whose aim is to promote training, research and information in the field of environmental education.


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Lien vers: https://www.criemouscron.be/?PagePrincipale
The Mouscron CRIE is part of many local dynamics and offers its help to those who wish it by getting involved in supporting citizen initiatives.


Anna Batorczak from the University of Warsaw discusses the advantages of such a programme, the opportunities it provides for exchanges between North and South Europe and stresses the importance of implementing such support tools in urban areas

Join us

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Lien vers: contact@etreserasmus.eu
You wish to participate in our dynamic of development of a network of actors involved in Europe in the accompaniment of the ecological transition; you can do it in us sending a mail with your contact details and a brief description of your structure
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Contact a professional in your area

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You can, through the network of ETRES coaches and trainers, contact a professional near you.
These people have mastered and are able to implement the ETRES training system.

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