A network of professionals

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The network's advisors are professionals in environmental education and sustainable development who, through their experience and mastery of the ETRES system, are able to support individuals or groups of individuals in the development and implementation of ecological transition projects.

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The network's trainers are training professionals who, through their experience and mastery of the ETRES system, are able to train, through training of trainers and/or action training for individuals or groups of people, to support ecological transition projects.

A badge enhances skills

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An open badge-or digital badge - is a means of declaring a competence, it is a verifiable element since in the badge appear the issuer of this badge, the beneficiary, what it represents, the criteria for obtaining it or a link to evidence, as far as they exist in digital format.

One of the initial objectives of the ETRES programme is to contribute to the development of a training system specific to the support function within a European network of actors in environmental education and sustainable development. As such, it recognizes the skills of the people to whom it assigns the trainer's or escort's badges.

A person can be both an accompanist and set up training sessions; he or she can therefore benefit from both badges.
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