The professionalization of facilitators towards ecological transition

Environmental educators have seen their profession evolve over the last few years with the emergence of a new function : to support the dynamics of environmental transition.

ESD and ecological transition
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The ecological transition, which is the transition from the current mode of production and consumption to a more ecological mode, does not have a definition shared by all the actors concerned.(file in french)
Words from professionals
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Testimonies from people who act on a daily basis in environmental education and sustainable development, and who are therefore regularly involved in projects.
Training offer
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Training offers that are somewhat similar to the themes addressed in the ETRES project
A profession that is evolving
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Being a coach means helping, through a process of consultation and negotiation based on an ethics of communication, to ensure that the project can see the light of day or evolve, by equipping and sharing its know-how in order to empower the actors involved. (File in french)
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Professionals talk about the evolution of their profession and the function of supporting dynamic citizens in ecological transition.

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