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The educational dimension of accompaniment

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While contributing to viable, equitable and liveable eco-socio-systems, approaches to support social groups or individuals in predominantly environmental projects promote learning processes, whether they are formalized or remain implicit.

They go beyond simply understanding the biophysical aspects of the environment. They are part of the (re)construction of relationships between the person, the social group and the environment (Sauvé, 1997) and thus work towards the acquisition of psycho-social skills.

Expert's vords

Accompanying is getting closer to educating It is a more active and distant way of educating people or a group and sometimes to be in front, sometimes next door.

It also means contributing and participating, but in a slightly different way in order to facilitate the progress of the project and its empowerment by the people
There is a lot of talk today about "facilitation

The educational dimension in accompaniment can be perceived in two ways: - either from the point of view of the facilitator, or the accompanying person, and in this case he/she sets educational objectives in advance.
- we can also have the vision of informal education: it is designed to advance a person or a group... It will bring something more and different.

ESD in practice: Three fundamental currents

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There are many typologies of the different orientations of EESD. The main authors in the field believe that the three different orientations of educational research (positivist, interpretative and critical paradigms) make it possible to distinguish three different currents of EESD.

EESD, fundamental concepts and challenges

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In the 1990s, the concept of sustainable development emerged as a modern response to the problem of the material limits of economic growth.
The systemic approach: a didactic approach in EESD
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The most well-known methodological approach to highlight the complexity of environmental issues is the systemic approach.
Support for territorial projects: a way of educating people about the environment and sustainable development
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Support for social groups or individuals in projects related to environmental issues aims to promote a viable, equitable and livable territory dynamic

Camatta: The educational posture of the accompanier

A guided outing in the forest with a group of young children highlights the creative skills of the participants.
This video highlights the knowledge of the environment, the awareness of the importance of green spaces,
and the emotional dimension generated by the group's experience.

Highlight the educational aspect of the support

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In the context of an interview with an accompanying person or an accompanied person, this interview guide helps to understand the educational role of accompanying a DD/TE project with a view to the emancipation of the actors. (pdf file)
A series of videos on EESD and support
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Here you can find links to various videos related to environmental education and sustainable development. These videos can be used in training through the following tool (file being finalized)
The different currents in EEDD: scenario of exploitation of videos in training
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This tool sheet highlights scenarios for the use of videos in training situations in order to identify the various trends in environmental education and sustainable development. (pdf file)

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